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    Default John Deere 4100 front wheel assembly loose

    New here. Recently acquired a 4100 with FEL. Noticing some play or slop in the right front wheel assembly when front wheels are lifted off the ground. Also notice the front wheel (left only) will turn when in 4WD when front wheels are off the ground but don't see any front wheel action when the front wheels are on the ground and the back wheels spinning and 4WD selected. Also notice some slight fluid leakage around the right front wheel assembly.

    Any ideas of what I might be looking at here? Did something let go in the right front drive assembly. Any more troubleshooting to do? Any advice on where to get parts and supplies?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I finally got some time to look at the tractor this weekend. I have the tire off and the eight bolts are removed from the M807518 COVER. Any ideas on how to get the cover off now? The tech manual says (page 5-66)

    "5. Remove eight cap screws (A). Remove the final drive cover and hub shaft from the final drive housing.
    NOTE: Use a rubber hammer to loosen the cover. Do not force the cover off as damage may result."

    It is pretty well stuck on and will take some forcing to get it off. I tried to apply some force from the bottom with a hydraulic jack on the axle exterior to see if I could pry it off from the bottom but ended up lifting the tractor and not loosening the cover.


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