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    Default John deere 7320 alternator

    Alternator went out on John deere 7320 tractor. Carried it to vocal alternator & starter shop to get it rebuilt . Bearings were down. Got it fixed. Put it back on an every time u crank it a warning code comes up saying check alternator or v- belt. You can idle it up a couple hundred rpm an then back to idle an the code goes off an does not come back on until you cut the engine off an re-crank it. Battery is staying charged up. Needing information on what my trouble could be.

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    Default Re: John deere 7320 alternator

    Sounds as if alternator belt needs tightening to eliminate belt slippage on initial start-up or rebuilt alternator must attain a higher than idle engine speed to begin charging.

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    Default Re: John deere 7320 alternator

    Another possibility is incorrect belt routing. Sometimes the serpentine belt can be installed different ways. This can result in low tension or not enough belt wrap around the pulley.

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    Default Re: John deere 7320 alternator

    Poor connection/high resistance in the excitation circuit or within the alternator itself.
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    Default Re: John deere 7320 alternator

    +1 rickb .run it some more it may clear up.brushes may not be seated yet.

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