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    Default JD pressure relieve valve

    Hi all

    I have a JD 5045 and the book does not show how to set the PRV up higher-use this tractor to pull small log trailer with picker,thanks Albert

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    Default Re: JD pressure relieve valve

    In general, a relief valve is set by turning a screw, or adding shims.

    To raise pressure, a thicker shim is required, and if screw type, tighten the screw more will increase pressure relief.

    You should know the max pump pressure and valve rated pressure.

    Have a hyd test set available, and plug in to one of the QD's, and push the lever to pressurize the QD/gage momentarily.

    Some people adjust the pressure to about 50 to 100 psi below the pumps max pressure.

    This increase in pressure may allow you to lift a greater load, and you might need some more ballast on the back.
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    Default Re: JD pressure relieve valve

    Thanks J_J

    My problem is,i can`t find the PRV,they got it hit somewhere and i need to bump it up higher than the PRV on the log trailer...

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    Default Re: JD pressure relieve valve

    I was only able to locate 1 PRV(parts key #30) in the parts catalog and it appears to be non-adjustable.
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