I'm in SW Mich. about 2 Miles from the lake, on sand, and growing Blueberries,Caneberrys(Untill I push them out), and Sassafrass unwillingly.

Same around here on the NH Narrows. The Tranny issues on the narrows back in 04-06' really got the diehards grumbling, even after the recall.
I'd rather have a solid and reliable tractor than a favored color though, and Green it is. Darn if I almost got another Landini at the last minuite though..
Local dealer tried awfull hard, but couldn't drop below 40K. I really like the Gear tractors, and the Landini spray Cabs even if it's more like a cramped sports car. All that room in the Deere Cab is definately nice, and might just spoil me.