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    Default Re: Filling ag tires

    Are you doing this for ballast for the FEL? If so I'll throw out another option - make a large concrete block with 3 pt hitch attachment. My father-in-law made his own by building a form and taking it to the local concrete yard where they filled it with leftover concrete when it came available.

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    Default Re: Filling ag tires

    A JD 5045E or D requires for heavy loader use (manure or heavier)
    combinations of weight on the wheels or in the tire AND weight on the 3PH.
    From my 553 owners manual:
    Option 1: small ballast box with extension 1138# plus 397# of wheel weights plus liquid ballast 1411# total of 2943#.
    Option 2: Large ballst box only 2205#
    Option 3: large ballast box 1918# 397# wheel weights total 2315.
    All of these with a minimum rear tread setting of 66".
    Obviously weight on or in the wheels doesn't count as much as weight out on the 3PH but it does count.

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    Default Re: Filling ag tires

    Thanks for the responses about driving with frozen water in the tires. I'll probably start a separate thread to keep from high jacking this one.

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