Ok I know that I'm a bad person for letting my tractor live outside over the winter. But I don't have a large enough door on the house to bring it in and no garage. Hopefully will have a barn in couple months, but that for the wife's horses not my Deere......

Installed power beyond kit last summer, have used 48 hoe with a grizzly hyd thumb that I haven't hooked up yet (problem for another day).

When I hit the rocker switch to start for the power beyond some times I get a light sometimes not, haven't opened up the electric box yet was too late in the day (dropping trees and then then trying to pulls stumps). Don't have any schematics for the power on the kit or what's going on in the fancy solenoid valve.

Last summer there were a lot of times that it would kick off for no apparent reason as well.

So my first question is can someone send me an electric diagram?

Next questions is any thoughts on where the gremlins usually lodge on these suckers?