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    Default Re: JD-850 FUEL Return

    When I spoke I was the adult in the room. I am a diesel mechanic, own a farm, so certainly not a greenhorn from suburbia. Great little tractor other than its color. I made no mistake in my posting. While this thing is cute and works good, it has no position on a real farm. Its 10 or more HP for its size short in PTO area, a tad light, too. Really needs the tires weighted. I have a set of rear weights that will go with it.
    I bought this tractor and had it running within an hour. My post was about fuel return flow or seemingly a lack of it. Its not a keeper, never was.
    It would already be gone, for a good price and with a happy buyer, except I have recently been grounded by the VA Doc for a pulmonary condition. When I get the green light from Doc, the 850 will get shiny green paint, and a new owner.

    Quote Originally Posted by chriswheeler View Post
    I guess the high priced Deere parts thing cuts both ways. I have lots of neighbors with tractors and it seams some price their parts much cheaper, but in the end they always seam to end up with more problems needing more replacement parts. Had a Yanmar, it was a very reliable tractor, and when it did need parts, they were much cheaper than Deere parts. Trouble was, even Hoye tractor, the parts supplier couldn't get every part, some things just weren't available for any price. Deere, even though expensive, has never failed to have something I need be available. What I'm talking about here is product support, some just don't have it, some do. I'm sure the price for maintaining that availability is passed on to the customers in the price of the parts as well as some price gouging. That 850 was a very reliable tractor in it's time, and still should be in good condition. but only you know what it's been through in it's service life. Might want to give a good look at what the replacement will cost before making that decision.

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    Default Re: JD-850 FUEL Return

    Post was not intended to be some sort of personal attack or even personal critique, just a statement of what I've seen as well. Hope no offense was taken. Your application only you will know and be able to judge. My experience with diesel engines is limited to large stationary stuff, little with stuff that can move. If you need to pull a 12' disc, it's sure not the right machine around your parts. Good luck with the VA, I'm lucky enough to have not needed to go down that road yet, but I could surely meet you in line there some time for the same reason. Again, hope no offense was taken, mine was a comment on quality, not suitability to your application or situation.

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