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    Default Deere 7000 TEN but NH??

    I'm going through the stages of new tractors and the deere 7000 TEN series are very impressive. Although I have not gotten a demo of a New Holland comp yet. Anyone recently looked at both?


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    Default 7410 20-speed PowrQuad

    That is the model that I am looking at. NH comps are?


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    Default Re: Deere 7000 TEN but NH??

    Lot of NH tractors are starting to show in Louisiana. I know someone you might ask about this question. I believe he runs 7410's, but I imagine he has experience with NH. I will try to contact him and reply with some info.

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    Default Re: Deere 7000 TEN but NH??

    Hey DeJr thanks. The NH has slowly but surely started to creep up on deere here so that is why I am looking. Thanks


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    Default Re: 7410 20-speed PowrQuad

    Just Curious, where are you located?

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    Default Re: Deere 7000 TEN but NH??

    Mike the TM new hollands are fine machines. 7.5 liter engine 6 cyl runs very well. 7000 tens are also great but I prefer the 24x12 trans in the NH. 7410 would match up with the Tm135 I think. I compared the 7510 and TM165. Has been strong as day one so far in 2nd year with it now. Long term I had one NH before this one and it was also tough. Deere has a good track record with the 7000 ten so far too. Demo the TM first before buying the 7000 ten.

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    Default Re: 7410 20-speed PowrQuad

    I said in the other message I posted. Look at the 24x12 dual command fully sync TM series.

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    Default Re: 7410 20-speed PowrQuad

    IL how about you?

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