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    Default 7000 Planter

    I am wanting to purchase a JD 7000 planter. I would like to have a 6 row, with no-till coulters. Is there a "rule of thumb" on how much HP is required to pull a planter, by the row, etc. I have a JD 5400 w/ front assist, will be used on level ground. Not sand, but far from hard clay. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: 7000 Planter

    There may be a "rule of thumb," but ag. engineers have developed formulas that allow you to make a more precise calculation. Google "Matching Tractor Horsepower and Farm Implement Size" to obtain a pdf file from Michigan State that is relatively simple to work through.


    Edit. Based on the MSU report, you will be OK assuming your tractor hasn't lost a significant amount of HP over time.
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    Default Re: 7000 Planter

    With front assist and your tractor being 70 hp you should have power to pull around a 6 row 7000 planter.

    As long as your tractor has rear remotes to lift and lower it you should be good to go. I know a lot guys are on my hunting forum are pulling 4 rows with 50 hp tractors. At 70 hp tractor will be close but judging on your soil conditions it should be a to handle it.

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