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    Default JD 2440 Splitting & Disassembly Issue, Independent PTO (Less Hi-Lo & Reverser)

    Sorry for this long post, but I tend toward being anal when trying to be complete! Developed a PTO issue this past year. PTO was slipping under load and would not stop when disengaged. Replaced a broken pressure regulator spring in the PTO control valve body and now have good transmission pressure but the PTO still slipped and wouldn't stop. So we split the transmission last night. Found the PTO clutch discs worn out and coned, so they will get replaced. The PTO brake band is worn out and needs replacing, but can't get the countershaft bearing support casting & bearing off the countershaft. The snap ring was a bear to get off, so maybe we buggered the front edge of the snap ring groove? We can pry forward on the bearing support casting and drive the countershaft back with a bar and 5# hammer trying to get the countershaft out of the inner bearing race, but when the front of the countershaft/snap ring groove region gets about a 1/3 of the way into the bearing race, things stop and we can't get it to move any further. (We realize we likely have damaged the countershaft ball bearing with the pounding, so we plan to replace that as well.) We drove the bearing support back into place on the countershaft and inspected the snap ring groove edges for burrs and didn't find any. We again tried prying and driving the shaft through the bearing, and again things stopped moving about a 1/3 of the way in. Things are acting like the front of the countershaft is a larger diameter and won't pass through the bearing race. Maybe after 30+ years the snap ring has pushed up a shoulder on the shaft OD and needs to be ground off? Any ideas? We are stumped for now.

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    Default Re: JD 2440 Splitting & Disassembly Issue, Independent PTO (Less Hi-Lo & Reverser)

    Welcome to TBN
    I wish I could help you but I don't have any experience removing the parts you're referring to. I hope some other member can answer your question.

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    Default Re: JD 2440 Splitting & Disassembly Issue, Independent PTO (Less Hi-Lo & Reverser)

    My experience is with the 2030, so this may not help!

    On the end (at back rear of tractor end) of the counter shaft will be a snap ring. With the counter shaft pried forward, remove this snap ring.
    On the counter shaft, between the shift collar and the reverse range pinion gear is a thrust washer. This washer has splines that match the splines on the counter shaft, but there is a groove cut in the counter shaft, so this washer must be rotated until it matches the splines and lets the counter shaft slide forward.

    You can find a drawing at I was unable to add the drawing
    As you slide the counter shaft forward EVERYTHING ON IT WILL FALL OFF!!!. Be prepared to "catch" everything and keep in proper order for reassemble.

    The countershaft bearing and support are press fit. You need a press to separate; bearing from support, bearing from counter shaft.

    I hope this helps!
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    Default Re: JD 2440 Splitting & Disassembly Issue, Independent PTO (Less Hi-Lo & Reverser)

    I usually attack the pto brake a little differently since that bearing support is always a bit of a hassle to get off. It can come off without removing the shaft but you only mention one snap ring. The upper shaft has an internal snap ring that needs to be compressed with needle nose while prying off the support. BUT,what I like to do is remove the small snap ring from the pin the pto brake band pivots on. Then drive the pin out. Then you can wiggle the band and operating arm out from behind the support. Assemble the new band to the arm and wiggle it back in place. Remove the second snap ring from the pin and tap it back through the support, operating arm and pin. You may ned to repeat that process a time or two since the brakeband needs to be adjusted. When finished, the inner snap ring is near impossible to get on, so I use an E-clip which is easier to install.

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