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    Default 1050/950/850 - using the PTO clutch (clutch possibly going)

    I bought a 1050 with 2400 hours a few years ago and have never used the PTO. I recently hooked up a brush hog and am wondering if the PTO clutch is going....

    1) The PTO is always turning. When I hook up the brush hog it does stop.
    2) The Operators Manual says "Depress clutch pedal fully before engaging PTO". So I push the clutch all the way down - then switch the PTO lever.
    3) The PTO starts immediately - I thought that I needed to let up on the clutch for it to engage.

    When I look at the Operators Manual, it appears to me that the PTO shouldn't engage until I let the clutch up - IS THIS RIGHT ? on page 50-5 it says "To stop both tractor and PTO, push clutch pedal all the way down".

    Is my PTO clutch going or gone ?


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    Default Re: 1050/950/850 - using the PTO clutch (clutch possibly going)

    There are several threads over the years about the PTO clutch operation, adjustment, function.
    Type in the upper Google box "JD 1050 PTO Clutch" and you can read up on the several hits that come up.
    Sounds like a 2-stage clutch to me, that is not working correctly. Might be sticking from lack of use.
    But do not know that for certain from the description of the problem.

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    Default Re: 1050/950/850 - using the PTO clutch (clutch possibly going)

    I agree it sounds as if the pto clutch in dual stage clutch assembly is stuck. If there's an inspection opening in clutch housing which I didn't see viewing parts schematic one could spray brake cleaner on clutch assembly to possibly help freeing stuck plate.

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    Default Re: 1050/950/850 - using the PTO clutch (clutch possibly going)

    Be sure to check the free travel adjustment on the clutch pedal. If there is more than 1/2" free travel, adjust it to get down to 1/2". If that doesn't help, then the clutch is either stuck, or the internal adjustment on the clutch is not correct which won't let it release. When pushing down on the clutch, do you feel two distinct stages of pedal effort? The first 1/2 to 1 inch of travel should be very easy, (should be able to push with one finger), then the first stage that releases transmission clutch will be stiffer. About 1/2 to 2/3 the way down, effort should get stiffer when pto clutch is being disengaged.

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    Default Re: 1050/950/850 - using the PTO clutch (clutch possibly going)

    I have the WSM for the 1070 which is the next model after the 1050.

    Send me a pm if you would like a copy.

    You likely have a stuck disk to the flywheel from non use.

    Try using the bush hog with the pto clutch depressed to put it under load and possibly free it up..

    Back up to tall grass and weeds and with the clutch pedal depressed all the way and with the cutter still turning, lower it into the thick grown to put the clutch under load

    Dave M7040

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    Default Re: 1050/950/850 - using the PTO clutch (clutch possibly going)

    Sounds like the PTO clutch is rusted to the flywheel/pressure plate from non use. Dave M7040 suggestion may free it. Or it may take disassembly and cleaning to repair???

    IIRCC some block the clutch pedal down during long term storage to prevent this.
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