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    Default JD 5420 vs JD 5425

    Since I intend to buy used, the main difference I see is the 5425 has the same engine but Turbo charged with the same HP. Is this an advantage? or a mute point? Any difference in torque? I am thinking a turbo is one more thing to go wrong, but maybe more fuel efficent?
    The 5425 has an electric control for the Reverser, vs a mechanical on the 5420, any pros or cons for either?

    The advantage I see to buying a 5420:
    Is lower price.
    The advatages I see to buying a 5425:
    E-PTO availble with the PowerReverser
    May have warranty left
    Increased Hydraulic Gpm

    Since price will not be the only deciding factor i am leaning towards the 5425, unless a 5420 would be more trouble free.

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    Default Re: JD 5420 vs JD 5425

    I absolutely love my 5420.

    The turbo should make the unit a little more efficient and certainly quieter. I wanted the 5425 because of the turbo, for the reasons stated, but I have done well without.

    The mechanical PowerReverser lever is a bit clunky, but it is very positive. You KNOW what direction you are going in and it NEVER pops out.

    I can not speak to the other points except to say that the hydraulic flow on my tractor is sufficient to run a concrete breaker and post hole digger.

    I use my tractor about everyday for utility work through making hay. In my opinion, it is an awesome hay making tractor. Just the right size.
    5420 MFWD w/541 MSL FEL - Only 900 hours and turning green.

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