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    Default JD 40 Hydraulic Line Leaks

    The hydraulic line in the instrument panel of my JD 40S has always leaked at the fittings. Now it cracked and is gushing oil. I removed the line (that was fun!) and note that it has been brazed three times in the past and that the brass fittings are stripped. I think I can replace the line with 1/2 inch hydraulic hose and galvanized plumbing fittings. Any advice on doing this? What do I do to seal the fitinggs...teflon tape or what?


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    Default Re: JD 40 Hydraulic Line Leaks

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    I an not familiar with your machine, but if you can get a hose in there than that would probably better that a steel line for sure. Just note though that galvanized plumbing fittings are NOT rated for anything even close to the pressure your hydraulic system can create-not counting the fact that all the ones available today are cast in China! Your hydraulic system can create between 2000 and 3000 psi!

    As far as thread sealant, I do not like to use Teflon tape because if used improperly the bit of it can get into the system. I used a PTFE based pipe dope that is rated for use with hydraulic oils and pressure.

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