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    Default used JD 950 advice?

    My county is going to auction off a 1987 JD950 w/ belly mower this weekend. I can't seem to get an accurate gauge on what the price should be. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

    Also, would you in general frown upon buying a used tractor from the County due to maintnance or hard usage issues?


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    Default Re: used JD 950 advice?

    2wd or MFWD? I bought a 1984 JD 950 a year and a half ago. It is MFWD, PS, FEL, 2046 hours, good condition. I paid $8600 for it. The FEL adds probably about $1500-2000 since a new one will cost $3K+. You might try They give some prices for used tractors that can be used as a guide. Prices will vary from area to area though.
    As far a buying from the county, I would try to find someone familiar with the tractor and find out about their maintenance habits and how hard they were on it. External appearance/condition is often a good indication of internal condition.

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    Default Re: used JD 950 advice?

    As with any auction, you pays yer price, you takes yer chances...

    However, this <A target="_blank" HREF=>site</A> should give you some ball park prices.
    Got to the lower left corner and click on <font color=red>Used Tractor Price Guide</font color=red>.

    Good luck at the auction...

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    Default Re: used JD 950 advice?

    In the spring of 2001, 1 year ago, I bought my 1988 JD 950 MFWD with power steering, FEL, backhoe, new clutch, and 2010 hours on it for $11,500 from a JD dealer.
    Of the people I have told, that in approx. a year from now I plan on selling it, 3 have said please let them know and nobody has balked at my suggested selling price of $13,000.
    If the tractor looks in good shape, sounds good and if you can confirm some of it's maintenance history, I would not hesitate taking a shot on it at the auction.
    Of the information I have been able to locate, the 950 sold for approx. $12,000 new in 1988. this price is just for the tractor, no attachments

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