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    Default Current John Deere Incentives

    I visited my local John Deere dealer near Nashville the other day and was asking the salesman about a M-series tractor they had on their lot. He told me that there is a current $2,000 cash rebate or incentive on the M-series if one buys now and pays cash. I checked the John Deere website and couldn't find any mention of this, only different finance options. Does anyone know anything about this???

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    Default Re: Current John Deere Incentives

    I am showing a $1,000.00 Cash Rebate or 0% for 36 Months Financing on the new 5M Series Tractors here in Utah. Your area may have an additional rebate or better financing, especially if sales are slow there. Feel free to PM me if you need/want.
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    Default Re: Current John Deere Incentives

    JD moves their incentives to where they need the sales. A friend just bought a M-series he had priced at 2 local dealers (one was where I got my mine) who were pretty competitive. Went a couple of counties away (where his land was) and got a cheaper price and longer 0% financing. Dealer told him it was county specific. Besides my local JD dealer, I use 3 dealers in different counties when I'm pricing implements and there's usually a pretty good spread. It pays to shop around.

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    Default Re: Current John Deere Incentives

    There's a third-page ad in the Capital Press (Pacific NW Ag Newspaper) listing 0% for 60 months or BIG CASH SAVINGS for Compact Utility, 5D, 5E, 5E limited, 5M, 6D, and 7030 tractors.

    I'm assuming that Compact Utility tractor means 2000, 3000, and 4000 series tractors. (Are 2000 series tractors considered SCUT's...?)

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    Default Re: Current John Deere Incentives

    right now thru end of month john deere is offering $1000.00 off for cash purchases. trigreen equipment is offering 5% off thru end of month for cash purchases. if have any questions just call mike at mount juliet, tn. store. 615-754-2600.

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