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    Default Purchasing a 4020 advice

    Hi. I need some advice, if anyone has some expertise with this sort of thing

    I'm thinking about purchasing a tractor to mow hay with (having purchased a new home with about 20 acres of it and realizing my 3400 isn't going to do the job, poor little thing). There's a JD4020 for sale near me (not sure what year)- gas-7034 hrs- probably original engine (seller doesn't know)- runs fine? but appears to need carburator work (puffs some black smoke like its running too rich) -sheetmetal good- doesn't look like any significant rust, one nice dent - bad tires (all four), with some kind of 31 speed ??? hydraulic/shuttle transmission, and a small hydraulic leak at/near the rear hydraulic hookup.

    They want $6000 for it, but may take less. Seemed to run and drive fine. Is it worth it ? (not just in straight money- I expect to have to fix things but have no idea whether this would generally be a pain in the butt or a dependable model) Is there anything else I should be looking for?

    Thanks in advance! (Everyone's advice on my L3400 purchase was awesome so thanks for that too)


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    Default Re: Purchasing a 4020 advice

    I would much prefer Diesel, wide front and 8 speed syncromesh transmission for around that price. That is a lot of hours on a gas engine. Ken Sweet

    Sweet Farm Equipment LLC (Internet Sales, Shipping All States)
    Shipping Facility
    1815 Defries Rd., Canmer, Ky 42722 Toll Free 1-866-528-3323
    Ken Sweet

    Shipping Example: Can ship 800 lbs from Ky. to Dallas for $165
    The Northeast shipping corridor is a little more expensive.

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    Default Re: Purchasing a 4020 advice

    I am with Ken on this, I think I would pass on the gas engine. Otherwise I had great success with a 4020 diesel, really liked it.

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    Default Re: Purchasing a 4020 advice

    I am 3 for the pass. If it was a diesel snap it up but the gas motor will be expensive to run.

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    Default Re: Purchasing a 4020 advice

    We bought a 4020 gas for 3000 a few years ago. Just used it as an auger tractor. It used alot of gas, sold it for 5000 and bought a 4020 diesel.

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