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    Default john deere 2130

    Thinking about buying a JD 2130 for cutting hay, is this a good tractor? Year model 1975 diesel with a front end loader for $8900.

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    Default Re: john deere 2130

    if i remember right it is the same tractor as a 2440 but was a english verison but the few i have delt with was some good tractors they are just like all other pieces of machinery as to it not if they break down it when and that is determined by how they are maintance and the pm they have had done to them like i have seen people change seals and pumps on some ford when they got to 4000 hours just so they would have to do it in the field and the clutches every two years around hear because there used to be lots of hay people but not so much any more but the people that did that onlys seemed to people able to keep going with out any major trouble while in the hay field the last thing u need to have happen it the hyd or the clutch go out while trying to get the hay done before it rains the next day

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    Default Re: john deere 2130

    If you look here: John Deere 2130 tractor information you'll find some specifics about that particular JD tractor.

    Certainly, the Hp rating would make it a capable hay tractor - given due consideration for the type/size of the mower and the type/size of the baler, etc.

    whodat's comments regarding "care and feeding" by the previous owner's is well said... any tractor can be abused and that particular machine might be a great hay tractor or a PITA. No way to know; except look it over real well, run it and have someone with equipment experience check it out.

    The German manufactured JD's are generally well regarded tractors.

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    Default Re: john deere 2130

    It will certainly do your job if it's been well maintained. That's always hard to assess of course. Might be helpful to have a Deere mechanic take a look at it.

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