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    Default John Deere 990 Price

    I'm looking at a John Deere 990 4WD with 430 loader and industrial tires. The price my dealer gave me is $18,300 (after a JD rebate, he said). From what I've seen, this appears to be in the ballpark, but I haven't seen any recent price checks on this model. I like to buy locally, so I'm probably not going to get any other hard quotes, but wondered how much more I should try to get the price down to.

    Any ideas are appreciated. This dealer is in north Florida/south Georgia.

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    Default Re: John Deere 990 Price

    On the John Deere web page you can price this tractor out. With 4 wheel drive and no SCV valve it list around 15,500.00 If take the SCV valve option is runs around 16,100.00. They don't give the price for the loader but I would imagine around 2,500.00 for it. You can add about 500.00 for turf or industrial tires.

    Based on that information you will have to figure if it is worth it. You didn't give the tire option that you wanted or if you wanted the SCV valve option. But to me it looks like you are right in there with what John Deere is suggesting to it's dealers. But you may be able to deal some more with the dealer. Figure out what the dealer is giving you on the SCV valve and what tires your getting. Have him break out the loader so you know what the tractor is itself. If the price comes out the same as whats on the internet then I think you have room to negotiate.


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    Default Re: John Deere 990 Price

    I hope That will change for you soon , I bought a JD990, with FEL , Kuhn 72" roto-tiller , and Fertilizer/lime spreader back in April of 2002, to work my small 20 acre farm here in N.E.. I have tried to do a search here and just could not find the thread about the price that I used to base my purchase on , I paid 22,300. for my package and feel for my area that it was a good deal , and I am very happy with the dealership and the level of service I get . The price I use was from a thread that was posted a year to a year and half before I got mine ,,18,100? for tractor and FEL ....Could I have gotten a better price , maybe , ....But at what cost later if I needed service ? My dealer is only 20 miles down the road If I have to send her back in for any service the next closes dealer was talking $100.00 minumum just to pick up one way ..........
    I have about 70 hrs on her and no problems I really enjoy her and she has done all I have asked of her that was with in her design spec ... Great lil' machine , I am very happy with her ...
    If you do a search you will see a picture I posted of her moving my pumpkins this last season ,,,, lil' ones about 100-140 lbs
    Good luck
    Bill g. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: John Deere 990 Price

    Well 10 years ago, I bought a 970 with loader for 17,700.

    that had r-1 tires on it, 7 less engine HP,
    a less robust 3pt tilt mechanism and a bucket mount that isnt quick-tach.

    but basically the same tractor which has performed flawessly, I think it is a great price.

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    Default Re: John Deere 990 Price

    I think you've got a very fair deal. Add in the current financing and it looks even better. Curious why the 990 over the Ten series? I checked out a 4510 and it's not that much more. It is a lot more operator friendly and will have even better resale then the 990. JMHO

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    Default Re: John Deere 990 Price

    Thanks, I will look at the Ten series some more. I need 35 PTO hp for a sprayer I will use, and it looks like the 4510 has 33 hp. I'll look at the 4610. Here we go up again in price! I hope my $1000 - $2000 bumps up in price don't start adding up to real money soon. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks to all for the advice, looking forward to hearing from more folks.

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