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    Default John Deere 3020 or 720

    Hello, Im new here and just bought a house with 30 acres with 16 acres all planted in alfalfa/grass. we have a 6 acres horse pasture so in turn I told the wife its my turn to play and buy some tractors ive wanted my whole life.

    Ive been debating there are two tractors for sale around here in my price range id like and they are a 3020 Gas and a john deere 720 diesel. I would really love a 4020 diesel but those are a little too pricey, I was wondering which tracotr you think would be a better option to run a john deere 1209 moco and 24t square baler. I really love the look of the 2nd generation tractors but love to look feel sound of the old two cylinders but not sure if their three point would work as well as the 3020 for plowing snow etc.

    Thanks for your time and ive enjoyed reading all your topics

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    Default Re: John Deere 3020 or 720

    Welcome to TBN, wmaburnett. It's been a fair bit since I spent time working farm fields in Minnesota with a 730 and a 3020.

    'Bout 35 years...

    There would not be that much of an advantage or disadvantage of one tractor over the other if all you were doing is "field work". Cultivating, running a disk harrow, 3-bottom plow, etc. Go to the end of the row, lift the 3pt., turn and drop the 3pt. and throttle up! The 3020 has a few extra ponies at the drawbar or the pto - not so many that it would make an extra bottom on the plow or another 5 feet on the disk - but you'd be able to work in a higher gear and go a bit faster.

    But mowing and baling hay... Well, the clear winner in my book would be the 3020 (even if it's a gasser)! Having a foot clutch versus the hand clutch; the additional gears (speeds) of the transmission; power steering (don't think the 720 has it); and the smoother engagement of the 4-cylinder engine versus the "jerk" of those 2, big cylinders on the pto and the baler -- my vote would be for the 3020 -- hand's down!

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    Default Re: John Deere 3020 or 720

    AKfish makes some good points, also add hydraulic brakes on a 3020 too.

    If It were me I would expand the search for a 3020 wide front diesel with syncrorange tranny. Spend a little more to get one in good shape that has had some care. Far cheaper to spend a little more for the initial purchase than to buy a worn lower priced unit and fix it up. I would look for one with good mechanicals and sheetmetal. Things like batteries, seat cushions, tires and paint are all easily renewed.

    My first "for hire" tractor work off the farm was with a 3020 diesel and boxblade grading house sites and slabs about 40 years ago.

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