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    Default John Deere 1023 or 1026?

    I really like the 1026 until I told the wife it was going to cost $18,000 with a brush hog and after sales tax. Is there a huge significance difference in the 1023 and 1026. I know the 1026 has the extra lights don't plan on working after dark anyways, the nicer seat and more HP. Does the 1023 have the 7mm cast iron deck too? I like the auto connect features they have. I own 11 acres only 4 acres I mow, I am clearing more land out and would like to have a brush hog to use, and a loader to help level the rough spots in my yard and maybe move some dirt. I asked on the general forum and now I am more confused than before which tractor to buy. I was thinking about a 2305 too but I think there are other tractors out there that are better. I would say my max price I can afford is $15,000-$16,000. The closer to $15K the happier my wife would be LOL.

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    Default Re: John Deere 1023 or 1026?

    This just my personal opinion, but I think you're in the wrong class of tractor. The 1023/1026/2305 all have small (12" rim) rear wheels, limited ground clearance, Limited Cat 1 three points. If you have 11 acres and intend to do ground engaging work, I think you need to move up to the 2320/2520 class (or corresponding tractors from other companies).

    Your options would be to either be persuasive and explain the difference to your wife or lie to your wife (whichever works better in your situation) or look around at used tractors or economy brands.

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    Default Re: John Deere 1023 or 1026?

    I looked at the kubota BX, B series and jd 2305 and 2520 tractors for the growing tree farm. Biggest field is five acres, smallest right at an acre. All farmed acreage combined 26.

    Kubota dealer manager shot the deal dead for me to buy a kubota, kind of a shame, Kubota has good stuff. JD manager was more than willing to sell me a tractor.

    JD has a formula to figger out acreage to tractor size. A 790 did not quite fit the 26 acre plan. But It would never have to handle the hole enchilada at once neither. Five acres at most at one time

    I bought the 790 after comparing the build of the different machines, aluminum vs. cast iron and track records. The 2305-2520 were relatively new still and had a little better features but the 790's build had already been around for quite a while but under different model numbers. It looked more like a tractor and felt like-wize when I sat on it.

    I agree with kennyG about the said tractors 'limits'. The 10xx series seem aimed at the "large lawn tractor" market with small, real tractor features like a fel, 3pt implements and even backhoe options....

    I think you would be served well to get the bigger 2520 size range as a minimum for your needs and expectations.... real problem gunna be selling the wife on the idea.
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    Default Re: John Deere 1023 or 1026?

    This past Saturday I purchased the JD 1023. I chose the 1023 over th 1026 on the basis that I did not need the extras including the extra 3hp. Price difference for me was about $1,700, for me not worth it. Our property is 7+ acres a lot of trees and rocks to mow around and not real flat. I mow about 4 1/2 acres with the remainder being wooded. I purchased the tractor and 60" mmm with autoconnect. I also looked at the kubota BX23.

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