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    Default Help! Ordered 4115, but Eyeing 4210


    I posted comments before about the 4115, which I ordered from my dealer (great guy) with several attachments and a soft cab. Since then, I've had occasion to look at the 4210 and 4115 side-by-side, and tried to envision how each would work on my property. Both would do the job. Each has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Since I've been saving for 5 years for this once in a lifetime purchase, do I get the 4115 or move up to the 4210. My earlier post mentions 5 acres of land, 2 with lawn, 1000' driveway that HAS TO BE SNOWBLOWN, and moving sand, gravel, and loam, but not in huge amounts at any one time. The base price difference between the two machines - both with 4wd and hydro is very close, with the only differnce being in the cost of the same implements (loader, front blade, snowblower). My concern, too, is that the dealer, since he has the 4115 all prepared for me, will tell me to take a hike. He is the closest dealer to my home and servicing the tractor so close to me is important. What do you think I should do?


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    Default Re: Help! Ordered 4115, but Eyeing 4210

    I'd drop by and sit down and talk with him. Upgrading cost alot, but maybe a little extra now would be better than a big hit, later. You seem to be interested that he does OK, I'd let him know.

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    Default Re: Help! Ordered 4115, but Eyeing 4210

    <font color="blue">… I ordered from my dealer (great guy) with several attachments and a soft cab…</font>

    If the dealer “pulled” the unit from stock, it wouldn’t seem to be a problem… but it appears from your post… he “special ordered” it along with a special order “soft cab” …

    I don’t know how popular either unit is… but if both are selling like “hot-cakes” then you may have a good chance to changeover and everyone remains happy… I wouldn’t want you to be unfair to yourself… but certainly not unfair to the dealer whom has done everything “right” up to now according to you…

    Still, sit down and discuss this with him and see where you both can go with it and possibly make it work… [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    (maybe you can offer to pay freight both ways on the soft cabs to replace it for the 4210)

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