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    Hey guys, looking to get a JD! Right now I've got a JD Z720a ZTrac mower, and an old Ford 1210 hydrostatic tractor... But it's about to wear out.

    I own 8 acres, currently mow 2 for yard.. And the rest is bundled with some aprox. 80 acres my family owns that's being leased to a local farmer for row cropping.

    I'd like to get a tractor that is capable of pulling a rotary cutter to cut the other 6 acres, and eventually the rest of the farm... Plus run a tiller for garden work, finishing mower, box blade, the usual.

    Front end loader and a cab would be great.

    I was, and still am leaning towards the 3720 w/ cab and an mx5... I think that is plenty for what I need.. Maybe a 4720 so I can pull the mx6/8 though?

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    I have never heard of someone complaining the new tractor has too much it seems price would be the limiting factor. If you can get the 4720 go for it!!

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    Nope, nobody ever complains of too much power. And should someone have a tractor that is to powerful, I will gladly take it off their hands

    I have a 5410 (85 HP, 65 PTO), but I only pull a RC2072 because I don't need anything bigger. I'm cutting pastures once a month to every couple months, not knocking down forest and large shrubbery. I could have bought an MX8, but it would have been way overkill, and I like to overkill. Depending on what your hogging, makes a difference, if it's just the pastures, I don't see a need for anything bigger then the 3720, if your going to be clearing some thicker woods and such, go bigger.

    Now all of this is not to say that the 4720 couldn't handle a MX5 as well. I try to always buy as much as I can afford to future proof myself. If I was to buy a new tractor right now, it'd be for a 4520. More bang for your buck than the 4720 and still a lot of power.

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