That price seems average to me; not too good nor too bad. The thing that I am more concerned about is the hours on the machine. 1000+ hours on a 300 series machine is a lot, though it is not necessarily near the end of its life by any means. The liquid cooled engines in my experience tend to have a bit better longevity than do the air cooled ones. I would think 1700-2000 hours would be pushing it on this machine but others may think differently. If you see yourself using it for longer than that, then it may be better to go new. It is definitely a more-capable machine than is the 300 series from now, but if your main concern is that you might have problems at 200-500 hours you might with this machine also. My view: $2200 is a fair price for that machine. If you can get it for that, I would. Otherwise I would either keep what I have or look into the X500 series new if you need (or just want) a bigger machine. I have had a 335 which was a great machine, but I think the X500 series from now are better with some definite upgrades. One person's opinion; some with far more experience than I may dispute this advice.

John M