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    Default 5400 Deere possibly purchase

    Found me a 5400 JD mfwd with a FEL. the hours are not posted but it says high hrs.
    Any one have experience with this tractor, and what kind of hours are these things capable of without a major overhaul?
    I would be using it a few times a year to brush hog and move some things around on my property that I go to every few weeks.
    They are asking around $16,000 and the rubbers are like new.
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    Default Re: 5400 Deere possibly purchase

    One thing to look at is the state of the transmission. How much free play is there in the clutch and how much adjustment is left. Replacing the clutch requires splitting the tractor. What has been the maintenance and when was the hydraulic transmission fluid and filter been changed. Might check and on the price. will give you a little more information on the tractor. John Deere 5400 tractor information

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    Default Re: 5400 Deere possibly purchase

    Price seems high to me for that old of tractor (I think they were early 90s) with HIGH hours.
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    Default Re: 5400 Deere possibly purchase

    My neighbor bought a 5400 about 5 years ago from a JD dealer in Flemingsberg. It had a little over 1300hrs on it with a front end loader and bale spear. He paid $17000.00. It was clean and well taken of. He uses it everyday to bushhog and to move and bale hay. Has had zero problems. I'd say tuff machines. I too think price is a little high on the one your looking at.

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    My 5300 just passed 2200 hours and knock on wood, no major repairs. I'm a little worried on the clutch since I do a lot of loader work but it has been put through **** and still going. Checking a few used prices for it still has it selling for around the price I paid brand new 20+ years ago.

    This series is pretty tough, reliable, and easy to fix/maintain.

    If everything on it is sound, I'd say the price is close to reasonable depending on the area you are in.

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    Default Re: 5400 Deere possibly purchase

    That price may not be too far off if it has the "left hand reverser" or shuttle. I had a 5400 and it was a nice tractor and with the reverser. I think that there is a lot less chance for clutch wear vs. man trans.

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