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    Default 595 Backhoe

    Anybody using the 595 hoe on their 5000 series? If so how do you like it?

    How powerful is it? Can it dig through clay and other hard ground?

    Anyone got the specs on it? As far as how far it reaches out, etc.

    How long does it take to take it on and off the tractor.

    If I buy one I would use it for digging stumps, water and electrical lines, filling gullies around the creek and ponds, maybe digging a big hole for a root cellar/storm shelter


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    Default Re: 595 Backhoe

    I have been around a couple of these hoes, still a utility tractor chassis hoe so not always the best diggers in frozen ground but don't do too bad. Should not have problems digging otherwise. The lower portion of the frame mounts onto the load control shaft and IMAO it takes a little longer to mount and dismount the hoe than on the smaller units and even the 110tlb. You should be able to get all the specs from Deere's web site, but dig depth for 2' flat bottom is 9'4" and reach is around 12'.

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    Default Re: 595 Backhoe

    Thanks. Deere's website didn't have the specs but I got them from my dealer. I am comparing it to a Woods BH1050, not a whole lot of difference in the specs. One major issue with the Deere is that the three point arms have to be removed to mount the hoe. So to remove the hoe and remount the arms and top link each time that I wanted to use it would be a major pain.

    At least I can get the Woods with a Cat 2 hitch.

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    Default Re: 595 Backhoe

    I was looking long and hard at the 595 but when a lightly used Woods BH1050 showed up locally for $4000, I jumped on it. I intend to use it on my 5085M. I already put a lot of hours on it behind a 6405 and a New Holland. It worked great and was very solidly attached to the Cat 2 hitches on both of those machines.

    I can tell you that mounting/unmounting the Woods is no walk in the park either. I plan to built a dolly for my Woods to make the task easier.

    The Woods can dig through hard ground no problem. It will not, however, "flick" a big stump out of the ground like a full size backhoe like a 310 or 410 can.
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    Default Re: 595 Backhoe

    Yea 4k is 1/3 the price can't blame you there I would have done the same.

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