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    Default Re: Lots of choices...decision time. 1026R or used 2305?

    Something very heavy to add to your consideration plate when considering a large dollar out-of-state purchase is, does your state of residency aggressively mine the UCC files for lost tax revenue. A large number of states have started since 2008. They are seeking tax funds from previously lost sources to make up for lost revenue. Fines and penalties can become substantial. The UCC code was put into place for financed sales, but some manufactures are even now providing sales information on cash sales also.

    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a law enacted in all 50 states to
    regulate commercial transactions. Article 9 of the UCC allows for a public
    notice (UCC-1) to be fi led in a designated state filing office by dealers (or
    lenders) to perfect their security interests in equipment that is bought and/
    or financed. The UCC-1 filing is valid for fi ve years and can be continued
    to extend the fi nancing statement for additional terms of five years. Filing
    is usually with the office of the Secretary of State in the state of residence,
    incorporation or business formation.

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    Default Re: Lots of choices...decision time. 1026R or used 2305?

    for the money there asking for the 1026r i would be looking at the 2320 or 2520 . i had the 2520 with the mmm and fel . and for a around the house tractor it was about perfect it didnt tear up the yard with the r4 tires and it was plenty powerful enough to handle most anything in the yard from cleaning up downed tree limbs to grading to tilling the garden spots . if my place and my gardens where smaller i would have kept it .with the fel off it handled about like a big over sized lawn tractor . its way more nimble than you might think. the 1026r is way over priced in my OP

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