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    Default Pricing a John Deere 1070

    I've got a '92 JD 1070 4wd with a 4-n-1 bucket that I am thinking of selling. It has a hair over 1200 hours on it, and a canopy with a couple of cracks from getting a little too close to some low hanging branches. Over all it is a great machine, but now that the house is complete, I find its a little bit too big.

    I have looked at to find comparable machines but the pickings are slim. Any pricing advice? I was thinking in the neighborhood of $10-11K. I was also thinking of getting the local kubota dealer to take a look at it as a possible trade, then add a bit to his offer and see if I can get any interest. Its a shame there is no "blue book" for tractors.

    thanks for any advice!
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    Default Re: Pricing a John Deere 1070

    Go to to see what is available and what the asking prices for things are.

    "Blue Book" ??? I'll bet there is some kind of reference somewhere. I don't know where to look to find it.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Pricing a John Deere 1070

    Price Digests - Tractor & Grounds Maintenance

    Never used it, as you have to have a subscription, but if you are interested...

    I think 10-11k is pretty reasonably. Any attachments to go with it? I bought mine from a guy I know so I got a pretty good deal. I paid 4k with a woods rm90 finish mower, but it is 2wd, had twice as many hours, and no fel. When I bought it, I had looked around and it seemed that it should have been priced around 7k. The loader and 4x4 adds a lot to the value.

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