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    Default Would this Deere LT155 be a good choice for me?

    My friend from work is moving into the woods (literally), and doesn't need it any more. He bought it used from this guy:
    John Deere 1998 LT155 SOLD!!! Photo Gallery by Brian Chang at

    Comes with everything shown except the bagger. John Deere LT155 - $900. It's a 1998, hours unknown, I will have to find out.

    From what I can tell searching around, it's not the box-store mower. Oustanding maintenance on this particular one. Property is 1 acre minus the house/driveway/detention pond. It's a little hilly though. (I don't know what the grade is). I'm told that I should skip this and go for a 345/425/445 or equivalent, but with a new property, closing costs etc., I won't have ~$3K to put into a mower for a while. Wondering if this will be OK for a couple years, turn around and sell it possibly.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Would this Deere LT155 be a good choice for me?

    The LT series is one of the best Deere came out with .That engine is one of the best and the Hydro trans is near bulletproof . That machine would do you well .

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    Default Re: Would this Deere LT155 be a good choice for me?

    That's a neat unit.

    I have found the LT155's to be reliable/rugged & with a little regular maintenance very long lasting - change the engine oil/filter & clean the air filter regularly , grease the spindles & well before the transmission starts to exhibit any "slowing" tendencies change the fluid (time consuming, though not too difficult in the so called "sealed for life" unit).

    IMO the 15hp Kohler engine seems best suited to the 38" (rather than the 42") deck

    My 2x LT155's were both purchased S/H & one after 5yrs in my ownership has over 1100hrs now without component change outs or failures - both I bought originally with the intention of keeping only short term & then on-selling/trading to larger tractors, trouble is the LT155's are so easy to live with I ended up keeping & buying larger lawn tractors as well. .
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