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    Default Re: Buying parts online @ JDParts - anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by AKfish View Post
    I've registered with my local dealer as the shipping destination for any part's that I order. IIRC, you have to do that up front (it's been a number of year's since I signed up) and you can't get the prices for any of the part's you're looking at if your not a registered user, correct?

    So, I'm looking at the part's and save them to my cart and then I can get a price listing. Ok... If I'm understanding correctly - the price listing and any red flags for items not currently in the selected dealer's inventory should be my cost, etc. Yes...

    I copy the part numbers and description (no prices) and present that to my dealer.

    They come back a few days later.... and everything is higher - everything!

    So, the next step is to show up at the dealer with the JDParts printout and talk about the differences. Or, I could just order everything and when it shows up... debate their charges versus JDParts?!?!

    I'd just order the parts online, printout the cost and when the dealer tries to soak you for an extra 10% - 15% or more, show them the printout and ask why the big price difference. Get the owner involved if need be. You could gripe to Deere corporate; but that may be like pissing into the wind and be ignored. The trouble is your remote location means the dealer has no competition to keep his prices in check.

    Quote Originally Posted by farmgirl19 View Post
    You should be able to pay for them on JDParts, then no paying at the dealer, just pick up your parts and go home. If your dealer participates, I think he has agreed to the conditions. (I liken it to a doctor in an HMO, the fees to be paid, have already been set.)

    My local dealer doesn't participate in JDParts, and is always higher than what is listed there, as prices. Nearest participating dealer is 45 miles away.
    I thought Deere made all dealers participate in JD Parts online. Fortunately the dealers near me participate.
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    Default Re: Buying parts online @ JDParts - anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by jenkinsph View Post
    Have you tried to setup a new account using the other dealer? I would give that a try, as it is now I have two Deere dealerships I use about 175 miles apart. I just feel that the better dealership can likely ship out the parts much faster and deliver to your door without all the problems.
    I'm gonna stop in and have a brief chat with the lead part's guy before I take that step. He's a pretty straight up guy - but, he won't buck the system unless it's below the radar. And over the years he has gone outside the lines to help me out.

    But, he's not always around and he's not always the person who's helping me with my order.

    However, if he can't give me a pretty rational explanation or is unwilling to only charge me the JDPart's price... well, there's a couple of other dealer's in the lower 48 that I maintain contact with that will ship part's to me.


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    Default Re: Buying parts online @ JDParts - anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by mjncad View Post
    I thought Deere made all dealers participate in JD Parts online. Fortunately the dealers near me participate.
    Evidently not. When I signed up (last week, and so I'm new to this too), it had me select my dealer. It even stated something about, "If your dealer is not listed, they have not agreed to participate in JDParts." (or words to that effect)

    My local dealer is 15 miles from me, and doesn't participate, as he is not listed. The closest participating dealers are 45 miles and 65 miles away. Not a very quick trip to pick up parts.
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