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    Default Re: 5085M Price check and Let 'er rip boys

    Quote Originally Posted by Grateful11 View Post
    You're absolutely correct I won't concern myself with this because it just going to be something you or someone else can try and refute when I'm only stating facts that some don't want to hear. This forum is really whacked, I have to come here every once and while to remind myself why I stay away so much
    Your hung up over the word "made" v.s "assembled" and if your looking for the kudos then let me be the first to say congratulations on pointing it out. I don't quite understand why people take nit picking to such a level as "made" and "assembled" have been interchangeably used in modern language industry context. Worth fighting over? I clearly new the difference when I purchased mine and it is important to me to buy American "owned, assembled, forged, fabricated, built, engineered, etc... (pick the word)" to the best of my ability when I have a choice. Trying to keep fellow Americans on the job.

    It is also interesting on how defensive people are when I encourage them to support American products in what ever way they can. As a consumer, I have only the choice of my purchases as power to send a message to industry that I want American made. I exercise it to the best of my ability and encourage other fellow Americans to do the same. I also respect your freedom to buy any product you wish.

    Thank you for buying a US assembled product of a US owned corporation! Hate to see you get mad and leave TBN. Your taking this stuff way to personal if you do. It's not worth upsetting yourself over.

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    Default Re: 5085M Price check and Let 'er rip boys

    Mad, no, I don't get mad anymore, life is too short to waste it on getting mad. I'm sitting here smiling from ear to ear.

    Have a good one man.
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    Default Re: 5085M Price check and Let 'er rip boys

    Hi guys,

    Sorry I'm late to the party. I have a 2012 5085M pretty much fully loaded with the H260 loader and the suspension. The suspension is amazing and definitely worth the cost in my opinion. Makes driving with a heavy load so much nicer and much less stress on the front end. I pretty much never turn it off, so if I was to do it again, I would not bother getting the electro-mechanic solenoid on/off switch.

    As for the 260 vs 310 loader, I agree the 260 is plenty for this tractor. I started out with just weights on the wheels, and had to be very careful. In fact, I was not really able to carry a full load down any type of incline without the rears coming off the ground. I have since added 2000 lbs of rim guard to the rears. The 260 has plenty of lift. Check out these pics:

    JD 5085M w/ H260 MSL Loader, Frontier AV20G Grapple, Frontier AP13G Pallet Forks, Woods BH1050 Backhoe, Woods SG100 Stump Grinder, Woods RM990 Finish Mower, Woods RB850 3 Way Hydraulic Blade, Woods LR108-2 Rake, Maschio H205 Tiller, Bush Hog 3209 Cutter, Vermeer 906 Chipper, Valby SGR76 3pt Grapple, Shaver 601H Post Digger, Tufline 8' Disc Harrow, Vicon Vari-Spreader MK-II 400, JD 45 16-3 Bottom Plow
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    Default Re: 5085M Price check and Let 'er rip boys

    nice pics

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    Default Re: 5085M Price check and Let 'er rip boys

    Hey Jd2k. I saw that you live in the NEK of vermont. I live there as well. Im from greensboro. Always nice to see someone else from around the area.

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    Default Re: 5085M Price check and Let 'er rip boys

    Hey Roadbuilder


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