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    Default E180 54" or S240 48"

    I'm torn between the E180 with a 54" deck and an S240 with a 48" deck. I know the differences in engines, transmissions, seat, warranty, and etc. I can get them for the same price with the E180 from Lowes or the S240 from a dealer. My property is almost 3 acres with slight hills. Nothing is really level but bumpy. I know all the pros and cons except one.

    Is the 54" deck really going to make that much of a difference for 3ish acres over the upgraded engine, trans, and warranty of the S240? It may get used to push snow but no heavy pulling.


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    Default Re: E180 54" or S240 48"

    I would get the 54" Deck if those were my only 2 choices I was considering. However, for 3 acres, I would consider a Zero Turn. Home Depot has a 52" Ariens with Kawasaki Engine for $3k. I just bought one. Ground speed is a lot faster than a tractor also to cut down on mowing time.

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    Default Re: E180 54" or S240 48"

    If you are going to push snow, I'd look for something that has at least a K58 or equivalent transmission but this is still on the light side of things and isn't the best choice. The K72 transmission would be a much better choice especially if you are pushing lots of heavy snow. The K46 transmission that is in the S240 has been known to give out on people who use it on steep grades or use it for pushing/pulling a lot. The K58 is the only Tuff Torq residential IHT that is rated for light ground engagement. The K46 is not rated for that. You can see the residential line of IHT's they offer here Full Line Comparison - Tuff Torq Corporation.

    I'd also second the opinion to look at Zero Turn for 3 acres as well if you have lots of grass on the 3 acres. I cannot make a recommendation on a specific brand/model because Zero Turns aren't my thing.
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    Default Re: E180 54" or S240 48"

    I cut about 4 acres, and over the last 40 years I've owned a 42" deck, 50" deck and now a 60" deck. The time difference between machines was substantial. So I would push for the larger deck, all things being equal. But you really should consider other things. With 3 acres of mowing plus some snow removal, you're going to be spending several hours per year sitting in the seat. Your hours are going to add up a lot quicker than the guy with the 1/4 acre city lot.

    So look at warranties. The E series is 2 years or 120 hours, and that's about what you'll average. A pretty short warranty considering some of these transmissions don't last that long. The S240 has 3 years and 200 hours, still about par in your usage time frame. The x300 series is 4 years and 300 hours, and is still considered a somewhat marginal machine. I think You should go for a larger deck and consider a heavier machine whether it be used or a new higher grade x300 series and maybe even consider an x500 series.
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