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    Default 2210 Price Check

    Visited my local JD Dealer and he has on site an almost new 2210 for sale. The unit was just turned in by a gentleman who decided he needed more of a tractor. It was bought in October and turned in just last week.

    2210 Tractor
    54" MMM (never used)
    Rear ballast box (empty)
    Curtis hard cab with built in heater (windshield wiper too!)

    Sell price is $15,900

    It has a mere 17 hours on it and has 2 1/2 years left on the factory warranty. The Curtis hard cab is absolutely gorgeous and looks like it would be painless to plow my driveway in the winter in heated comfort!

    Any comments on the price would be greatly appreciated! Not sure if they will move on the price since the unit is as close to new as it gets. Maybe there is something I should ask them to throw in if they won't move on the sell price.


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    Default Re: 2210 Price Check


    I'd say that is about new pricing, so no special deal. The Curtis hard cab is listed on their site for $2895 -- the heater and wiper may add some to this. As for the tractor itself, a year ago I paid $12946 for the 2210, 210 w/53" bucket, level indicator, ballast box, and 62C MMM. Prices are up some though. The 60" bucket would be of concern to me. It would be pretty easy to load that up past the lifting capacity of the 2210. I know with my 53" it is still pretty easy to do. Also, it would seem to me that there would be more stability issues the farther off center that load might be distributed. Ballast would sure be necessary (it is anyway).

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    Default Re: 2210 Price Check

    Ask if he would take the 60" bucket and change for a 49" or 53"
    I just pd 14100 for 2210,fel 54mmm &54 front angle blade,plus several items dealer installed.

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    Default Re: 2210 Price Check

    ask for an engine heater if it doesnt already have one. If you're going to use it for snow and it has turf tires I would ask for tire chains. a neighbor got his stuck 5 times in deep snow with turf tires and no chains (I have the HDAP tires that are very good in snow and on turf). the 60" bucket would be ideal for snow, not for dirt.

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