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    Default Is it enough? JD 4210

    Same questions as many others but with different conditions. I will be towing this tractor a great deal. I also need to be able to get around in the woods. Fit between big trees, run over saplings. I will want to harrow and lightly grade firebreaks. I also will be doing some rotary mowing and BBing woods roads. Is 28 Hp enough? Does $13,900 new make it worth the risk if it is on the edge? I don't have many options in this area and don't want to pay the extra for a 3000 series which seems to be the same tractor in different wrapping paper. A used 4600 and a new 990 are also available local. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Is it enough? JD 4210

    If it were me I would look long and hard at the 4115 or the 4310 before a 4210. It might just be a little underpowered for the fram size. I have heard several dealers say that it is the one model they worry most about selling due to much disatisfaction with the power to weight ratio.

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    Thanks Mike. That probably explains why this dealer has three at a discount price.

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