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    Default Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?


    I have an opportunity to buy a '97 JD 855 w/FEL, loader mounted curtis plow and custom built 5'x4' TPH weight box with ag tires, 280hrs for $13000. I am thinking about buying a set of turf tires on rims for it and pulling a rear mount 6' finish mower that I already own.
    Has anyone out there had experience mowing with this combo? Do you think the 855 has enough HP at the PTO for this?
    PS... I mow about 3 acres and plow a 900' steep gravel driveway in upstate NY.
    My other options are to spend about $16000 for a new B2710 w/FEL but no plow (this year) or $17550 for a JD 4200 w/FEL, or keep waiting for the perfect used tractor to come my way.

    Any advise is much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?

    855 4WD Hydro, Mfr. 1986-99, 60.6 cid-3 cyl., 18.5 PTO HP, 1870 lbs., Last Fact. Price $14,980

    Low/Avg/High Auction Pricing

    This unit is closer to the JD4100, and a 5' finish mower would be ideal, 6' maybe pushing it...

    You have to decide... don't jump on "this week's good deal"... because you are overly anxious... you will have to live with this purchase for awhile...

    I live in Upstate NY, and I think it will be a challenge to plow a 900' driveway with our snow... let alone a steep 900' driveway... I'd raise your sights and consider a minimum of 22-25 PTO HP unit... for the snow and 6' mower and the other goodies you haven't got yet...[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?


    I forgot about your "turf tires"... not for plowing a 900' driveway [img]/w3tcompact/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Also have you considered the cost of 4 wheels and turf tires to add-on the 855... I'm guessing $1400-2000...

    You may have to compromise on industrial tires for snow/lawn...

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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?


    Thanks for the feedback. My assumption is that I'll be able to sell this rig without much trouble if I find it to be inadaquate. The big draw is the loader mounted curtis plow. I think this is the ideal set up for me (with a rear mount snow blower.)
    I am a bit anxious because I sold my old Massey Furguson MF35D last week. This leaves me tractorless with the lawn growing.

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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?

    I have a MF135 and it's going to a new home as well...

    You do realize... that 855 is half the horsepower of what you're accustomed to...

    Mowing the lawn won't be half the battle that your snow plowing will end up being...

    Good luck Jeff.

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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?

    Here's my little girl that's 22.5 PTO HP and she struggles with this New York Upstate snow...

    "You are what you eat, drink, think, say and do..."
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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?

    I had a 855 and used a Landpride AT 25-72" finish mower with it. It handled the mower very well ( unless your going to cut foot tall grass and that would mean a rotary mower instead)
    Tires- my first tractor was a 755 FWA, turf tires. my second tractor was a 855 FWA, R-4's.
    I live in Kansas so the snow don't get as deep as the northern part of the country. The turf tires had better traction in snow and ice than the R-4 tires. My 2 cents

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    Default Re: Can an 855 handle a RM 6\' finish mower?

    I have two neighbors that have 855's with 72" MMM on them. Both have loaders and turf tires, one uses a back blade and the other a 5 ft. rear snow blower in the winter. We got about 150" last season and both of them had no problems with traction in the snow. If the tractor comes with a 72"MMM I'm sure it will handle a rear mount just as well.

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