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    Default 4320 and MX6

    I am considering a 4320 with an MX6. Today my dealer said "you may want to consider a 4520 for the MX6." I would appreciate anyone giving their experience with 6ft rotary cutters. How much HP do I really need? I suspect he was just trying to get me to buy the 4520 because it was on his lot rather than transporting the 4320 50 miles from the dealers other lot.

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    Default Re: 4320 and MX6

    I wouldn't think a couple of horsepower will make any noticeable difference. My 4320 will power my MX6 with no problems. I think your hunch is right...

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    Default Re: 4320 and MX6

    I know, I know. You can't run an MX with a 4310. Just don't tell my 4310. I have no problem with it whatsoever.

    It is always a hard call when a salesman tries to upsell you. sometimes they are just looking out for you. Sometimes they can't see past their own stuff.

    You would have no problem running an MX6 with a 4320. If you are starting a bush hogging business and are very concerned about productivity, the 4520 MIGHT be a little better.

    But then, your gonna turn the magic screw up on a 4320 and have a 4720 once the warranty runs out anyway, aren't ya? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    If I were in charge of this product line at Deere, I would have sent the machines to the dealers with a set of 'black boxes' and model decals,. If you want a 4120, we plug in box 'A' and set those decals, a 4520 gets box 'C'. Why are they transporting a ton and a half of equipment over a program change and a decal...?

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    Default Re: 4320 and MX6

    I think you have the salesman figured out. Suggest that for the same money, you will take him up on the 4520, and you both will be happy.

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