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    Default New attatchments for 3X20 and 4X20 Tractors.

    I am in the process of starting a small business that will produce attachments for John Deere compact utilities (Twenty and Ten series first). Feel free to shoot any ideas over to me for new tractor enhancements. I am currently designing a 3-way all hydraulic 74" Mid Blade for my 3520 that hasn't arrived yet. I am also going to design an imatch compatible rear hitch that has the loader hitch mounts on it so that we can use our loader attachments on the rear - mainly forks. I will also have a reciever pointing straight back and one pointing straight up to move bumper pull and gooseneck trailers. It will have tied down/weight brackets and will have a stand with caster wheels that will plug into the rear receiver for when you are using a different imatch rear attachment. These tractors have more potential than ever and I wish John Deere was offering more. That's where I come in. I have been a Toolmaker, Mechanical Desinger, and now a Supplier Engineer for the company that I currently work for. These new attachments are designed in Pro Engineer Wildfire which is the latest and greatest in 3D Solid Modeling software. I have access to laser and waterjet resources, so these attachments will look like John Deere attatchments, not homebuilt. I welcome everyone's input for new attachments.



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    Default Re: New attatchments for 3X20 and 4X20 Tractors.

    Where are you located at ???? Make some stuff and show us some pictures....

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    Default Re: New attatchments for 3X20 and 4X20 Tractors.

    Deere released their Front Hitch for the 3x20 tractors last week. It's the one they've had hinted about for a while now, and finally it's available. They say it's similar to smaller chassis machines, making a front snowblower, front blade, and front broom all compatable with this new hitch (blade and broom to come next year)
    They are calling it a "front 3-pt hitch", and has an A frame design.
    They mention some compatability with a mid mower, when
    a certain front hanger bracket is used for the mower deck...

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    Default Re: New attatchments for 3X20 and 4X20 Tractors.

    I'd like a lawn striper for a 2210 that is 3 pt hitch mounted and runs close to the rear wheels.

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    Default Re: New attatchments for 3X20 and 4X20 Tractors.

    I just read about this at lunch. Here is what I saw on build/accessorize for the 3320:

    Required for use with LVB24815 Front Three-Point Hitch with
    A-Frame (3120-3720 Tractors Only) and Mid-Mount Mowers.

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