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    Dads looking at buying a 1985 john deere 750 4 wheel drive with turf tires, and it has another set of ag tires and wheels,and a 60 inch mid mount mower all for $5900, does this seem good?...It has a few minor things that need fixed such as lights and one rim needs a lil attention where the valve stem comes out(a washer needs welded in)......the sheet metal is immaculate and the hood and nose has no dents, the only thing it may need is a quick paint job....The tach doesnt work due to a bad cable, but it doesnt smoke at all, and it cranked right up at 40 degrees.We checked the front end and the tranny for oil and they were full(quite rare on machines like drove it the day before he did and it shifted very well and drove well, it doesnt have power steering but it steered well.I guess i want to know if anybody else has any experiences with the 750 or if they have one?....and if you can put a 2 stage clutch in in place of the original?...and i'd also like to know about the availabilty and expense of parts.......thanks yall

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    I have a 650 4wd same tractor but it has the 2cyl diesel. I bought my tractor about 5mths ago and have had no problems at all. I have put over 40hours on it since I bought it and so far so good. If it doesnt have any weights on the front its worth to purchase some makes a world of difference. You will be amazed at what the little tractor will do still finding out what mine will do. As far as the price it doesnt sound to bad. I paid $3500.00 for mine with 5 pieces of equipment and 509 hours its a 1984 model.

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