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    Default New JD "Global Carrier" FEL QA system

    Earlier this summer a New Holland dealer told me that there was an industry wide Ag tractor manufacturer standardization effort coming for FEL attachment QA systems. I believe the comment was that the Alo/Quickie QA system was going to be the new industry wide standard.

    Sounded like a noble effort, but I just couldn't see Deere and other manufactures buying into a "not invented here" QA system.

    Guess I was wrong!

    Deere just announced their new 563 and 673 FELs for their new 6x30 series Ag tractors. In their online info on the new FELs they talk about the new "Global Carrier". Here's a picture of it:

    Here's the text description of the global carrier from the online info...

    "The global carrier conforms to ISO standard DIS23206. Although the design fully meets the standard, it is a unique John Deere design.* As most manufacturers now meet the ISO standard, it is expected that this ISO standard will quickly become the industry norm for carriers."


    Note that this new global carrier standard seems to be intended for mid to large size Ag tractors. I just can't see any need or reason for small Ag utility tractors or CUTS or skid steers to use this new global carrier standard when there is already the "skid steer" QA "standard" for lower capacity systems.

    Thoughts and opinions?
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    Default Re: New JD "Global Carrier" FEL QA system

    Deere has been selling that quick attach type n Europe for quite a while. Interestingly, those new Deere loaders can be purchased with the "global carrier", the prior Deere 600-style quick attach, or the skid steer-type quick attach.
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