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    Default Help configure my 4720

    Been lurking here for a long time and have finally decided to get a new 4720. Would like some help picking the right options so I can get a couple of quotes on this machine. My immediate need is to pick up logs and dig out a few stumps in an orchard that has been abandoned for 40 years and is in desperate need of a clean up. Once I get all that taken care of, I'll eventually want to do some mowing, but probably not until next year.

    With that in mind, I'm thinking the 400CX loader with a 4n1 bucket will get the logs to the burn pile, and a 448 hoe should (given an infinite amount of time) dig out the dozen or so 12" stumps scattered here and there. It seems like the default R1 tires should be OK, but when it comes to other options, I'm a bit less certain which is the best way to go.

    Although I'd like a cab, it costs a lot more, but more importantly, you can't put a hoe on a 4720 with a cab. Besides, moving around the orchard, I'd probably just bang up the cab on branches anyway. So without a cab, is the air-ride seat worth the $295 or not?

    I know nothing about fenders, but my inclination is simply to live with the factory default (which I think is standard rear fenders only). Any reason to do otherwise?

    Since I plan on having the hoe on the back for now, I guess the 3PH isn't an immediate concern, though it will be eventually when I want to put a mower back there. I'm a bit confused about the iMatch and telescoping draft links, but it seems to me that I can worry about this stuff later, correct?

    Gotta have a 3rd SCV up front for the 4n1, and the "power beyond" for the hoe, but what about the electric diverter kit for $1191?

    With the hoe, is the PRT oil cooler a wise investment (seems like it might be)?

    I'm totally confused about weights and such, since I'll have the 400CX up front and the 448 hoe on the back (at least until I get the orchard cleaned up). What do I need to order as far as weights at this time?

    Also, regarding the 4n1, I'm having a hard time with the configurator on the Deere site. It wants me to select the LVB25343 which looks like a skid-steer 4n1, when I think I really want the AL1472E, right? I have no idea how to select this from the configurator, but maybe I'm too hung up on this whole configurator thing, and really need to just call up the dealer and tell him what I want and have him give me a quote, rather than being all high-tech about it.

    Any idea what a rig like this should cost?

    Many thanks for your inputs and suggestions. Apologies in advance for my relative ignorance.

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    Default Re: Help configure my 4720

    Why not a rake grapple instead of the 4-in-1 bucket?
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    Default Re: Help configure my 4720

    First comment: a 4720 set up like you want is so pricey, have you considered a JD 110 loader-backhoe? Won't be much more (if any more $$) and gets you a more heavy duty machine with more resale (if that will ever matter). Still has a 3ph and live/independent PTO, though somewhat less PTO hp.

    I would be looking at a grapple bucket rather than a 4-in-1, unless you are planning on doing some dozing.

    With the backhoe mounted you should have no need for any additional ballast in the tires, and I would recommend against it because beyond the necessary amount it just costs money and slows you down.

    R1 tires give excellent traction. However, R4 tires would be more typical for your type of application, as they have a bit more load capacity and puncture resistance. Not as much traction on mud or snow, and R1s definitely are better for tillage (plowing, disking, etc.). It will also be easier to find a 4720 with R4s than R1s, though you certainly can get the R1s if you want them.

    I would agree on no cab - it would be banging trees all the time, I think.

    I have the basic seat on my 5105 and I find it to be just fine. Though $295 isn't much to spend if the air ride will be an improvement.

    I see no need for front fenders. Might be nice when going fast, but irrelevant when going slow or in dry conditions.

    iMatch you can buy later, but extendable draft links you have to buy now or they will be difficult to get later. One or the other will work. I find extendable draft links just fine, and with HST they would be even easier to hook up with. But people who have iMatch seem to like it really well.

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    Default Re: Help configure my 4720

    I have both a 4720 with 400x and the electric diverter and a 110TLB and a 416c Cat with a 4n1.If it were me and I had a lot of backhoe work I would go with the 110tlb it is an AWESOME machine,but it rides like CRAP with a nonsuspension seat. If ididn't have a lot of backhoe work I would go with the 4720 ,more power,better ride,in general more versital.Either way I would go with the 4n1,but then again I've never had a grapple. If you go 4720 definately get the 400cx.

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    Default Re: Help configure my 4720

    Whooee! I like spendin' somebody else's money!

    Some questions before you sign the papers --- the 4720 only has the eHydro tranny, yes? I think that's the standard transmission offered so, I don't think you'll need the PRT cooler (Power Reverser Transmission Cooler) for the hoe. Also, I'd look at the heavy-duty 18" bucket for the hoe.

    Since you'll have a Hydro tranny, I'd look at getting cruise/loadmatch, too. That'll pay off later when you start mowin'.

    I'd probably go along with what Michigan had to say about the tires. Go with the R4's. They're tougher in the woods and less of a problem later when you want to mow.

    Are you planning to use a top n tilt later on? If that's a thought, then you might want the electric diverter for the 4th and 5th SCV. Otherwise, you'll have to add a Fasse diverter or set up additional SCV's off of the Power Beyond later on. Either way, it's a lot of money up front or even later on (Fasse, etc.) and the cylinders for the top n tilt are spendy, too.

    Get the optional forward and rear work lights. They're a great addition and not a lot of dollars spent.

    Since you're gonna be crawlin' around in the trees, I'd get the optional grill guard, too. Every bit of added protection is a good investment.

    I like my Imatch hitch. It's worth the money. However, if you might be using some older attachments or some that aren't likely to be IMatch compatible, then go with the extendable draft links and drop the IMatch. You can't have both...

    The air-ride seat is worth the money and you'll be glad you have it after using the tractor for the next 10-20 years and your back is older... (like mine!) Or the next guy who's thinkin' of buyin' your tractor will like it!

    I wouldn't worry about weights. The 400CX is plenty heavy (I'll bet it's over 1,000 lbs.) and with either the grapple or the 4n1 you can likely add another 200-300 lbs. and the 448 hoe with HD bucket is likely gonna go 1,300-1,400 lbs.

    I like the skid-steer option. I'd likely get that if I was gonna go with the CX FEL. The 4n1 is more versatile but the grapple will work better on brush and such. But the grapple means you'll have to spring for a bucket, too. It really depends upon what kind of work you see in the future and how you plan on using the FEL.

    I like having a material bucket for snow, sand, gravel and topsoil. And I would want the grapple 'cause I've got all kinds of trees and brush to deal with and will have that need for many years.

    Sorry, about runnin' on... Congrats on gettin' a new JD. I think you'll be happy with your decision.


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    Default Re: Help configure my 4720

    I have a 4720 with a cab, but I will chime in here...

    I have the 400cx loader, and absolutely love it. I also have a 4-in-1, and wouldn't have a tractor without is amazing what you are always using it for.

    I agree with using R4's on it....I get plenty of traction, but it doesn't tear things up too much at all.

    On the air ride seat...I just wish my F911 mower had one. My opinion about the seat is that it is worth every penny!
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