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    Default JD 430 w/54" snow blade vs. compact utility w/FWD

    I have a self-storage business and need to move snow away from the buildings. I have a big tractor (JD 7400 MFWD and FEL) for heavy snows. I am looking for something to move light snows that is quick and maneuverable. I have a JD 430 with cab, 300# rear wt box, and chains. I've tried my front mount snowblower but it is too slow and throws too many rocks as my yard is graveled. I am thinking of a 54" front blade (angled) on the 430 for the job. How would you guys rate the traction and capability of this set-up vs. the traction of a compact utility with fwd? Anyone know of a 54" blade for sale in the Dakota's or MN? Thanks, Paul in ND, email:

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    Default Re: JD 430 w/54" snow blade vs. compact utility w/FWD

    I had a x495 with a 54" blade and then bought a 46" snowthrower. Now I own a 4310 with a FEL. Comparing the blade and snowthrower, snowthrower wins hands down. If you get a lot of rocks with snowthrower you will get 3X more with the blade. I really like the 4310, I can pile the snow where I want it vs snowthrower you are limited to where you can get a straight line(for the discharge). A added bonus is I don't look like a snowman when the wind changes direction. The best solution is a CUT with cab and both loader and snowblower!!!

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    Default Re: JD 430 w/54" snow blade vs. compact utility w/FWD

    Can't help on whether it will work or not. But, if looking for used blade,
    I've had a far amount of success by going to the JD website,
    click on residential, click on used equipment, put in your zip and other
    brief information. When you get to the page to search for an item, just go
    to the bottom box and put in front blade. You will get several hits. Some
    obviously won't fit what you are looking for, but as of a couple days ago, there were
    several 54" front blades. Maybe one of them would fit you tractor.

    JD Greg

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    Default Re: JD 430 w/54" snow blade vs. compact utility w/FWD

    I had a 54 blade mounted to my 332, was able to clean up snow pretty well if it was under 8". If it gets much deeper, it started to push the front end of the tractor around. Rear traction was not a problem.

    The 430 is heavier so it'd probably do even better than the 332.

    The hyd. blades are pretty nice and work well, I think for your intended use it would work great.

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