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    Default JD X324 hard start .... now no start

    The X324 I bought a few months ago (12hrs on it) died on me today.

    It was a hard start but finally started - blowing out some white and black smoke once it did start. Seemed to run okay after that - no more smoke and I assumed it was just burning off some excess gas. I haven't run it in about 6 weeks and it's been parked in my shop the entire time. After 0.3hrs I had to shut it off and as I was walking away it backfired loudly. No start after that.

    It's getting spark and gas and seems to be flooded. I pulled the air cleaner and can see gas pooling in the "tray" in front of the throttle plates. When cranking that gas pool appears to be sucked into the carb and then after I stop cranking it pools again. After a few tries at cranking I could see gas blowing out of the exhaust. Pulled the plugs - obviously wet with gas. Waited a couple of hours - put plugs back in - and it almost started like the first time today but didn't. Some puffs of white smoke and it tries to run but can't quite make it. Still flooding.

    Any ideas? Other than taking it to the dealer Monday? If it weren't so damned new and still in warranty I'd be poking around the carb but I don't feel like I should have to with a new mower. I've used it maybe 5 times and it had 3hrs on it when I got it. I've put 9 on it. What stinks is that the dealer is about 30 miles from me.

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    Default Re: JD X324 hard start .... now no start

    Well, that definitely sucks! Sounds like you've diagnosed the problem and the solution - it's under warranty and you should let the dealer handle the carb issue - IMO.

    No way you should have raw gas pooled up at the front of the carb (and in the cylinders).

    I'd guess that either you've got a problem with the needle valve and/or the float in the carburator. The needle valve is sticking or the seat is bad. Or the float is hung up or full of gas and not shutting the needle valve off.

    Let the dealer deal with it...

    Best of luck.


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