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    Default John Deere 316 smokes

    I have a John Deere 316 that i got for $200.00, this gentlemen that own it, had it in the middle of a field. I brought it home started it and the engine smokes, it has the orginial anegine in it, Onan im not sure how many hours but it started right up, the problem is that it smokes, i changed the oil put new oil from the dealer and it still smokes, there is oil in the exaust but im we cleaned it and still is burning oil.

    Im kinda upset because i love this tractor i was even going to buy attachments tomorrow for it but now i have to wait.

    Any ideas on why my engine smokes?? Could it be the rings? im not sure what the problem is thank all for your comments.

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    Default Re: John Deere 316 smokes

    $200 and it runs?!! It needs too much work, I'll give you $250 and take it off your hands.

    Seriously, it could be many things but I would start with a compression test and cylinder leak down test and then you would know if you need rings. Hopefullly that is it!!

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    Default Re: John Deere 316 smokes

    Quote Originally Posted by johndeere316 View Post
    Could it be the rings?
    I'd bet 100% it is the rings, but valve guides will also add to it as well.
    These are pretty easy motors to rebuild.
    The jugs hang right out there.

    It probably had too light of engine oil in it in hot weather.
    These motors need 20/50 in the heat of the day and make sure all venting for cooling is clean air flow and no oil/dirt build-up holding heat on the outside.

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