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    Default JD Hydro 175 Fan

    I am rebuilding a JD 175 Hydro Lawn Tractor.
    The cooling fan for the Hydro unit is chewed-up and I ordered a new one.
    The removal of the old one was very difficult; very tight.

    My question is do I need to lower the Hydro Unit from the frame in order to install the new fan ?

    I have the User Manual but it dosen't cover this type of repair.

    Also I anticipate running the tractor in the very hot Florida weather, and I understand that a deviation from the suggested 30 Wt. oil might improve the hydro units performance.


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    Default Re: JD Hydro 175 Fan

    I would suggest do what is necessary to ensure that there is enough working space.
    As per the oil, i'm sure Deere did its research before manufacturing. If the manual did not say to change the type of oil, i would suggest keeping with their recommendations.

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    Default Re: JD Hydro 175 Fan

    Good luck on your restoration... if it were me, i would deffinately drop the tranny... its not too bad to drop just a few bolts and nuts... and you shouold have no problem with the oil currently in it. I myself pusrchased one at a yard sale last saturday for $50, the owner took it completely appart in hopes of restoring it, after one year of it sitting in his back yard his wife made him sell it haha. took me one week to completly strip the old paint and rust and repaint it and now its running like a champ. only one lil problem im still working on... im not much of a mech. when i engage the blade clutch it kills the engine... keep us updated with your build

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