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    Default 455 won't start

    I have a JD 455 that won't start. It warms the glow plugs up and cranks well but won't start. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    Welcome to this forum. You will gets quite a few suggestions and some curious folks wanting to learn more about this type of problem.

    I presume this is a Yanmar 3 cyl. diesel motor that won't light up. So first question: is it puffing white smoke (unburned diesel vapor) ?

    Can you hear the fuel shutoff solenoid click open when you twist the key?

    When was the last time it ran? What lights are showing on the panel? Is the water separator light on?

    If it's not been run in a few months, you might try pushing or towing it with the key on to get some decent rpm up. If its been run out of fuel, then the fuel lines and pump need to be bled in order to get liquid fuel up to the injectors. There are probably 2 fuel filters (one at the tank and one at the pump). Are they plugged? If so, blow them out for now to get it running.

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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    I have a simular problem with my 455. It always started instantly but
    now it spins over with black smoke puffing out the exhaust it will hit
    a little and acts like it might start. It did finally start after this problem
    occured and it seemed to run almost perfect but idled rough at low RPM
    and seemed like it had one noisy cylinder. Book says early injection pump
    timing could cause this and the noise. I have not done anything to it yet
    and now it wont start. The last time it cranked and ran it had a lot of blowby
    from the crankcase. The air filter and fuel filter are clean. I intend to do a
    compression check and compare each cylinder and check the valves I
    hope it is not a piston ring which would explain the blowby.

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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    Quote Originally Posted by JD4551966 View Post
    I have a JD 455 that won't start. It warms the glow plugs up and cranks well but won't start. Any suggestions?
    Still having the problem?

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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    Is it turning over fast? Have you tested the battery? If the battery is weak, then the fuel solenoid may not be pulling in while it's cranking.


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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    My Yanmar will not start. The battery is fully charger. The fuel is clean. The glow plug lite comes on and then goes off. When the light goes off, I try to start it. The engine blows black smoke from the exhaust pipe. When I let the switch go, the engine stops immediately. I am puzzled. I removed the electric shut off and replaced it with a pull manual shut off. It's been working good after the replacement. One morning, I started the tractor, and moved it out side. I went back that afternoon, and no start , just black smoke..

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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    does it still not start if not check the fuel filter it can look clean and still be plugged.

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    Default Re: 455 won't start

    I don't know if the 455 uses a thermistor but I recently had one go bad on a 4700 and the symptom is "spins but won't start".

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