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    Default John Deere GT275 running under load

    Help!! I also have a JD GT275 which I initially had starting problems. It ran well last year but not now. I followed the older starting thread and suspected a fuel problem so I done the following
    1) cleaned out the tank ( there was som crud in it),
    2) new fuel,
    3) replaced all the fuel lines,
    4) new filter
    5)cleaned out the bowl at the bottom of the carb.
    6) blew out the carb. ( I didn't see any buildup of deposits, looked clean)

    I saw a reference to cleaning the jets...How does one do this?

    After putting it all back together it is now starts ok. but shuts down with any load ( moving or engaging blades) If I go slow I can move the tractor. As long as a load is not applied It will continue to run with the throtlle set to fast or slow. Once the throttle is move to slow increasing it kills the engine??
    Manually moving the govenor control seems to adjust the engine speed no problem?
    ANY Ideas???? I really can't afford to take it to a dealer

    UPDATE: With the throttle set to slow if the govenor control is advanced slowly the engine responds BUT if move quckly it dies
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    Default Re: John Deere GT275 running under load

    Could still be in the carb. You can run at fast or slow idle (no load) on the idle circuit. But, when you are under load the carb transitions to the main jet. You may have no flow through the main jet. Plus, the transition jets should smooth the change from the idle to main, which also appears is not happening.

    I'd say check the governor adjustment, but I can't see how that would have changed.

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