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    Default JD 170 deck

    What is the biggest deck that will interchange on my jd 170? It currently has a 38", that has nothing wrong with it, but I have to keep up with 6 acres of grass everyweek and don't have the money for a bigger mower so thought I would check to see if there was a bigger one I could swap under easily. I know a lot of the parts from this "100" series of mowers interchange easily.

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    Default Re: JD 170 deck

    I believe the 170 was only offered with a 38" deck. The 180 had, 38, 46, and 48" however they mada a longer prodction run and there are some s/n differences on these units. Unless you are handy and can modify deck mounts, replace possbly a pulley or 2 with different sizes and track down what will then be the proper belt I would say go for it. Otherwise I would say you have the wrong machine I would try to trade and/or sell and upgrade to a larger machine. The 170 was not an over powered unit and may struggle with a larger deck.

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