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    Default Thoughts on JD LX277 (2003 w 200 hrs) vs. new X300

    I found a JD LX277 for sale on craigslist. In general I wanted to do the older LX277 hold up? Then compare that to the X300 tractor. I have 2-3K to spend on a tractor. 1.5 acres of grass in a hilly area 7-10 degrees. hauling wood, mulch, dirt in a cart and occasionally pushing some snow in the driveway.

    The dilemma is buy new X300 with 4 year warranty for 3K or buy used LX277 w 200 hrs for 1.8K? Decisions, decisions...any insight would be beneficial on these two models.


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    Default Re: Thoughts on JD LX277 (2003 w 200 hrs) vs. new X300

    You are talking about $1200 differrence here. I am not familiar with the x300 but you won't be pushing any snow with the LX277. You will probably be spending more dollars (possibly a couple hundred) to spruce up the used mower making the difference even less. Everything new and a 4 year warranty is worth quite a bit. For the little difference I would go for the new one. I would however run a comparison between the two first to see if one is better quality than the other and if attachments (to push snow) are available for either. Just my opinion, other people may think different. Another point, the lx277 doesn't have an hour meter so is it really 200 hours or could it be 2000 hours? Looks like a lot of guess work an the hours to me. I have an lx279 and have no idea how many hours are on it and I bought it new, I bet this seller doesn't know either.
    If the $3000 is in your budget definately get the new one, you will be glad you did. Ray
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    Default Re: Thoughts on JD LX277 (2003 w 200 hrs) vs. new X300

    Mike, we are waiting to see what your decision is/was about your purchase.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on JD LX277 (2003 w 200 hrs) vs. new X300

    Might be too late but id likely go x300.

    I had this same decision to make, but i stepped up to a x540 due to steep hills, as it came with diff lock. Oh and the hydraulic steer and lift on the 500's really is worth it.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on JD LX277 (2003 w 200 hrs) vs. new X300

    The X300 with the K46 transaxle is a waste of money. I would look into an X320 and up with the K58 transaxle. FWIW. the X300 has the same lousy tranny as the ones sold at the big box stores.

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