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    Default Deere Z970A ZTrak Pro

    I was poking around the Deere website looking at the latest generation of zero turn mowers.

    Z970A ZTrak Pro -- 37 HP Gas engine ???

    What is up with a 37 HP Gas engine? Is there a reason Deere doesn't support diesel engines in their new zero turn mowers?

    My only guess is that the mowers were designed around a vertical shaft engine and are there any Yanmar vertical shaft engines in 20 to 40 hp range??

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    Default Re: Deere Z970A ZTrak Pro

    Their site still shows the 997 which is powered by a 31 hp Yanmar diesel. I'm assuming they have not changed it's design as they have the gas Ztrak models?

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    Default Re: Deere Z970A ZTrak Pro

    i think they mainly have these big gas engines in their mowers to compete with the big blocks others are using. it seems like kubota is the only one offering a compact diesel these days and i know they supply diesels to other zturn mower brands. plus i think offering gas engines keeps the cost down and makes them more price competitive.
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    Default Re: Deere Z970A ZTrak Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by om21braz View Post
    Their site still shows the 997 which is powered by a 31 hp Yanmar diesel. I'm assuming they have not changed it's design as they have the gas Ztrak models?
    They still offer the 997. I will say its about bullit proof too!! Got 960+hrs on mine and only a pulley bearing has went bad. Its very fuel efficient IMO. Would choose the 997 again over any gas version Deere sells.
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    Default Re: Deere Z970A ZTrak Pro

    I will say the 950 I have is the best ZTR I have ever used. I do not know why JD does not offer more diesels in the ZTR line, but for mowing, gas engines do really well. Mine is the 31 HP and has no problem handling the 60" deck in about any grass. I had a 757 before and the 950 blows it away in every way. I have heard through the grapevine that an update of the 997 is coming with perhaps another model too, but that is just hearsay. I almost hate to say it myself, but it seems to address your question if true. In the meantime, try out a gas 950, 960 or 970. They are great machines.

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