Hi, and this is my first post on this forum. I just purchased a 2011 D-120 John Deere lawn tractor for $1199.00 at Home Depot. It'a a 21 hp Briggs & Straton engine with hydrostat. I just sold my 24 year old 12hp 160 lawn tractor with the kawasaki engine. Hope I don't regret selling it, but felt after 24 years, it was time for me to get something a littel stronger. The old JD. ran and still runs flawlessly and was used for just cutting grass on my acre lot, as well as pull a cart for yard duties, other than that, that's all I require from a lawn tractor. Hence why, the D-120, seems almost overkill for my requirements....I mean, it even has cruise control , which I don't need on this size of lot.
I don't know much about this model, other than it's an entry level lawn tractor, and that's about it. I'm just wondering if any other home owners here are using this particular model, and if they're satisfied with it or not. So far, I've only put a few hours on mine, but I like it a lot so far, and is so much easier and faster than my old 160, which I sold for $400.00....not bad after 24 years.
Anyway, hope it'll last me for a while.
Here is a pic of the old and new.