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    Default Threaded Nipple The Oil Filter Screws Into Came Out With The Oil Filter On My X300?

    Today, I performed my first oil and filter change on my X300.

    When I removed the oil filter the threaded insert/nipple that holds the oil filter to the engine case came out with the oil filter which surprised me. It was no big deal because I could unthread it from the oil filter with my fingers then thread it into the engine case for installing the new oil filter.

    I'm wondering whether this is the way they are designed?

    Anyone else have the same thing happen with their X300?

    At my next oil change, should I consider locktiting the threaded insert/nipple into the engine case?
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    Yep, not a big deal, just a drop of red loctite on the next oil change and it will be fine.

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    Default Re: Threaded Nipple The Oil Filter Screws Into Came Out With The Oil Filter On My X30

    I think I would use an inside nipple tool to tighten the nipple in place and call it good. If it is installed correctly it shouldn't come out as easily as the filter.

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